The tri-color happened to be seen longer waving around the city and across news channels, more dignified than ever, post this independence day. Such positive vibration the current atmosphere has created in me that I had to out this post here. Thanks to the more observant mind post SK phenomenon that this time I was amused by the reasons to the grand successful revolution the country is seeing and the mind availed me.

As I was travelling home amidst the busy roads of Hyderabad, got to catch the mind which I could see had settled down, just by following closely the news on Anna & anti-corruption law through the day. There I was left wondering with some questions and while I was answering them, mind interestingly lead me to figure out the spiritual connect of this movement with people. How recursive the mind is!! Or to say single, united & connecting to the center all the time.

Are people catching up the wave of the cause?

Of course I feel. The vibes & enthusiasm of people who ever felt “So Hum” have amazingly made others realize “So What” even before they know “So Hum”. This is not a celebration of a family, a festival, of India as a country, but of the people power. Everyone is realizing his own potential of making a difference and nobody would likely want to be left out as is being said, in the another freedom struggle. So, this cause is of a high magnitude and thus, making a high wave. Adding oil to the fire & igniting so many minds is the inability of our politicians to have put up a good report card ever. With the kind of values a lower middle class or middle class man always had, he has increasingly been in a fix when leaving his morality to choose a better standard of living. This burden has been great on the minds of these people and others who hold the same thought. Corruption, poverty are the biggest itch in these hearts which have evolved over years. The villains being none else than the people in power. While the Indian youth has learned to live in this irrational, impartial atmosphere & become increasingly patient, Sibal & Tiwari showed there level of patience too. With someone like the image & resolve of Anna standing up for the cause, people find great hope. Highly spirited & highly spiritual is what I personally find his personality is.

How come so large numbers turned up on streets? Everyone?

Occasions of being “together” have become quite scarce in the lifestyle today. And some rare occasions of togetherness are somewhat traditional, prescribed or forceful, turning it queasy for the large part of generation. The festivals & cricket matches seemingly so repetitive and expected, the scandals, calamities so often & the television shows, celeb news already an overdose. Not so true may be, but the comparison of jest and fervor of these celebrations with the one this anti-corruption movement has created made it appear so to me. This “togetherness” is different to that compared with when people unite in helplessness & grief, or in celebration & happiness. It is participative and making each of us believe we can do it. So, I guess, its extending to even more people. Everyone wants to make that difference. This feeling of “togetherness” helped me understand better the reason why there was a larger impact of group sadhna & group meditation. Being “together” lifts one and everyone highly up, more so when the results are showing good.

The nerve of the cause remains one and only- “ Satyam, Param, Dhimahi “. Indeed a revolution it is. The spirits of people seem to have awakened. The much needed spiritual revolution? Is it?

With the Valentine's day vibes in the air, expression came out of me in the form of these lines...Thought to scribble here. By the way, wishing all of you a wonderful Valentine's and love more..God bless..JGD !!

The way you are, is my biggest gift,

That you’re mine is the biggest drift…

Today is the day I have heaps of thoughts,

Opening the galore of love, I have got…

Those Endless talks and Sleepless nights,

Shivering emotional fantasy-full flights…

Taking every chance, not missing a look,

Feeling each beat, no plans to unhook…

Only with time your magic unveiled,

I thought I knew, but you unrevealed…

I cry, shout and be the kid that’s me,

You love, stay by and help me free…

Your casual ways with lots underlying,

You’ve made your eyes see dreams which are mine…

Doing all that what you never have done,

Getting up early mornings or tying the apron...

Say it or not, you’ve cared like none,

Your every possible limit is undone…

You lit the fire in the silent me,

To seek, dress and be all that I can be…

I chose to fall in love with you,

You made it a rise, which I could never view…

Inch by inch those expressions of yours,

Made me yours and only yours…

With a sparkling tear and a curve rising,

I could feel the magic of together-being…

The thought of you keeps me uplift,

That life is with you, there’s no more a rift…

The way you are, is my biggest gift,

That you’re mine is the biggest drift…

The way you aose Endless talks and Sleepless nights,

~Loads of Love

Bhanujaonal fantasy-ful


sprout’s life till ever I wish

the twinkle, the beauty, the hope all there..

the soul seen through in all its bliss

water, light and air to care..

time is what that one can’t hold

dreams are many but can’t be sold,

its free, its must, its life to grow

the earth is there for a lot more

with care I swelled to face the winds

those nasty storms and scorching suns,

the light that was a pretty sunlight

now turned out a flash too bright

but always came a drop of rain

the rainbow smiled to calm the brain

silence came, words all to drain

and a vision to be a sprout again

emotions minds everything I play

experience is a story that all say,

the flashes keep that boredom away

the storms for the challenge to stay

the twinkle, the beauty, the hope all came,

what was a dream, is life again..

My wedding...

With a committment to share my life and care my beloved's, I have decided to step into a new phase of life. I will be getting married to Sachin on 27th Nov, 2010. I remember that once in Rishikesh, I asked this question to Swami Pragyapad g about how to be committed in life, and now its the time that I actually walk it.

Me and Sachin :)

Life is over interesting these days. As if a flood of emotions is crossing through the mind, as if the future is trapping my mind, while I am still firm to the ground, still quite managing the present ;) And he is so smart to pop in when the ground seems just about to shake. Yea, a few days back, when some negativity was overhwleming my mind, Sri Sri was in town ( yeah, just for me). I got a chance to have an eye contact with the magician and be a part of the unfathomable magic that was to come next. I have been in some other planet since then, as if something deep down this heart was tocuhed gently and held firmly. Btw, it was yet another drive of running after him, but this time he was in our zone ( of course just literally ). This time the running was only physical, the mind was one-focussed. I had a dream of inviting Guru g to my wedding ceremony, awwwww !!!! No words. That was just a perfect moment. I was just loooking upto him and he was nodding all the time. Even a brutttle memory of this kodak moment can cheer me up for a long long time.
Anyhow, for all my single friends, I would love to script four advantages of getting marraige. Just for you folks !!

Knowledge: Surrender, Committment, Belongingness, Love, Devotion are no more just words, but a deeper experience. Marriage helps you to come out of self-centeredness.
Shopping: You are allowed to purchase anything and everyday. You are allowed to be too busy in this. Don't worry about budget, coz your partner loves you and the out of budget things are on him/her ;)..I hope Sachin is not reading.
Pampering: You are the king/queen for people around you. The show stopper of the show. A feel to have for sure once a life.
Feelings: You are flying in love, in air. You will not have any free time, hence, no boredom. You don't have to take decisions alone, now you have with you someone whom you trust the most and can share everything. There is a warmth, contentment & depth in life.

...that is my self made wedding invite :)




Jai Gurudev


Yet another time, and still quest for more. Had a thrilling 5 days at the Bangalore ashram this June. This time of the year all kinds of emotions, feelings, sensations belch out. And this time it was even more.

Approaching the Kanakpura road, the ashram, was as inciting as it was when I visited it the first time. It still seemed as if it was the way to heaven. Those smiling faces, those judgment free minds, those ready-to-comfort you eyes are a perfect way to welcome someone to a dreamland. So full of love is everything that one instantly becomes one of them. Coming back to your nature becomes easy. I don’t understand how my heart allows me to come back from there.

I got my housing card made and quickened to the yagnshala for Guru darshan. The voice so cloying and the vibes so strong, that I realized the discourse is going in Kannada only after a few minutes, and also that I was sitting just next to B&D. Immediately after the satsang I had a close darshan of Guru g just outside the satsang arena. My day was already more than made. Met the Chandigarh Yes plus gang sooner and was lucky enough to have a much needed long kriya break in the BadriVaishala, was good enough to connect me more to that beautiful present and make it look even more fulfilling. The gang grew bigger and interesting with new people catching up every here and there in the ashram- the vivacious Ankita (ankiteshwari), the cheerful Meenaaaksi, the ever elegant Vinayshree, the cutie Shreshta, the newly weds, Amitesh bhaiya and Tanu di were all around. Slept off with a contended breathe just to wake up eagerly to the early morning chants of Rudra Abhishek with Gurudev.

Annapurna was a big dorm and I had an interesting neighborhood to my bed- a girl from Kolkota, working with Accenture in Bangalore who was flashing a broad smile throughout. She was my partner for the next day Saadhna in VM. A one and half hours long Rudra pooja seemed to last for only 5 minutes- so powerfully it took us all present there into its magnanimity. Where the day starts like that, you have nothing more left to desire from the day that remains. But a lot more was awaiting. It was Vinay’s birthday, his devotion in its full capacity and he made us stand the entire noon in front of the Ganga Kutir path to wait for Guru g’s arrival. The devotion was so loud that it was impossible for Guru g to disappoint him. Soon Sri Sri followed and gifted him a red rose, the most befitting birthday gift he could have asked for. All those hungry souls were soon invited inside the VM to attend another 1 hour journey with the almighty himself. A soothing 50 minute meditation bound us more to ourselves, making us more free birds, stretching the length of those smiles even more. Mehak joined me that evening in the ashram and in true sense was a soulful mate for the rest of the stay. We utilized our chance to be allowed to communicate that evening with a long chat session, deserving enough pre-silence ;) So fulfilling and contended can exchange of words make you feel sometimes. It is interesting to see how you always want an assurance of certain things and that is what a true mate does- at the end, I believe, both of us could discriminate better and faster.

With 900 people meditating together, you feel altogether on a different planet indeed. The next four days were into the course, into that oneness, into that love. And as Gurudev said in one of the talks, being in love is not sufficient. You want to continue it forever, for lifetime, till your last breathe. That love with everything around is what is special and binds one, yet making you feel so free…!

Some things stay a little more and so will this sojourn.

PS: Wrote this 2 months back. Just posted now.

PPS: To Vinay, Lots more to come. Stay tuned :p

PPPS: Congrats to our lovely Amitesh bhaiya and Tanu di..I got hold of a beautiful pic of them..Have a look !

Lot of love

Jai Gurudev !


There was a corner never touched,
this heart did not ever mellt...

no clues, no blues,
no more a haze,

broken leaves, lonely waters,
nothing but a play,
no dismay..

time crawls, beat skips, nerves freeze,
what it is,

he came, he saw, he conquered,
only him, only him,

There was a corner never touched,
this heart did not ever melt..

1. You are driving to office, thinking about how late you already are, how badly the boss will insult you at the right time, what if he gives you a bad grading just because of this, how wonderful the day could be if he is on leave or late just like you, how you are going to manage the time from the next morning so as not to be late in future..and hoping the next lights are not again red !! You are the next prospect Mullah Naseerudin.

2. You are overeating and simultaneously, thinking of stopping to eat as it may lead to overeating. You are sleeping at 7:00 am afer the clock alarmed you at 5:30 am and you thought, exactly at 5:32 am, that its a must to get-up for jog and no point wasting time sleeping excessively. You are speaking and speaking and speaking and simultaneously, yes, thinking of also listening a little. You are counselling a friend to ged rid of his laziness, be aware, telling him that when nothing works, silence does, telling him about the advantages of the seva, saadhna and satsang. And you act a copy of your friend, otherwise.

3. You are aware of your possibilities at any point of time. And yet, there is more than you think is your 100 percent of that moment. There is some portions of you still divided, diverted. You come to an advanced course having sudden realizations of some of those moments. You can then see that otherwise unseen ting of ego, lethargy, craving, misery and what not even in those moments.

The first point talks about the mind being in the past or future- forget about it uniting with your actions in the present moment. Duality? huh?

The second point, thoughts and actions will unite, I believe, only and only with the regular practice of 3S's, keenly and playfully.

The third point is a good symptom of you being on the path of being in the present moment. Continue.

Anyways, there is another phenominon which happens. You are tired of eating. You are bored of watching. You are tired of speaking. You are tired of craving, yet you crave. You don't want any desires coming up, yet you are full of them. You are tired of this mind, yet it doesn't stops.

From the maya of duality how do I pluck the cleaveless truth of unity :o

Can't I be me?

Just and all? Only.

Ps: Thanks to the wonderful Advanced course we had at Solan this Independance Day.
PSA: Two words have been copy pasted as it is from "Rendezvous with Rashmin"

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